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Boluda Towage positions each location as a pillar of the local community, because the dedicated teams know the local port areas as the back of their hand, and they perfectly understand the port's specific circumstances, regulations, and culture.


The team of Boluda Towage in the Netherlands - consisting of crews on board the tugs, office staff in Schiedam, and the management team - holds Dutch citizenship. 


Boluda Towage embraces diversity and equity within its teams. We care for our people, empowering the diversity in talents, gender, background, experiences, and skills. We mix our people, encouraging them to share experiences, inspire each other, and learn from each other. 


In The Netherlands, Boluda Towage provides towage services with an extensive fleet of around 21 tugs - all operating under the Dutch flag - in the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht, and Moerdijk.


Furthermore, Boluda Towage Rotterdam provides Tender & Transfer Services on the Dutch and Flemish North Sea. 


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strong local roots


Boluda Towage’s rich history in the Netherlands dates back to 1842. By now, Rotterdam-based tugboats are world-famous in the maritime sector. In a port city like Rotterdam, where some 30,000 ocean-going vessels call at the port every year, towage services are invaluable.


In August 2019, Boluda Towage Division acquired KST (KotugSmit Towage). The company had a leading presence in 12 ports in 4 European countries (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany), which has led to increased growth and smarter towing operations with a modern and efficient fleet of around 70 tugs.

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Track record in the Netherlands


We operate globally, but local anchoring is and remains of great importance to us. Our commercial team serves both the international and local port networks, and in all the ports where we offer our services, we work with local crews and teams who know the ports like the back of their hand. 


Some recent examples of milestones in Rotterdam: