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Waalhaven Zuidzijde 21, 3089 JH Rotterdam
PO Box 51046, 3007 GA Rotterdam
The Netherlands


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Office: +31255561900

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SALVAGE & emergency response

Boluda Offshore (formerly Iskes Towage & Salvage) offers extensive Offshore towage support to the offshore energy industry, which includes the oil and gas sector and the renewable energy industry.


With its deep-sea tugs, Boluda Offshore provides rig-moving services, and long-distance towing.

Boluda Offshore operates a fleet of solid tugs, with dedicated salvage teams on standby ready to meet any challenge in salvage work. Our tugs are specially equipped for Salvage & Emergency Response duties, including FiFi-1 capability and Pollution Control equipment.

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Ocean Towage


With its versatile fleet, Boluda Offshore performs long-distance towage operations. Our professional crew has gained years of experience and operates according to the International Safety Management (ISM) quality, health, safety & environmental standards. 


Depending upon specific (local) requirements, our specialist operations department will provide a suitable leading tug, assisting tugs, port agents, and local compliance in the ports of departure and arrival.


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Boluda Offshore offers offshore towage support to the offshore energy industry, which includes the oil and gas sector and the renewable energy industry. 


We provide safe and reliable towage solutions to the North Sea oil and gas industry with our dedicated and highly trained crew who operate our specialist offshore fleet of solid and powerful tugs.


Our expertise includes e.g. rig moves, barge transportation, on-site assistance during dismantling projects, and stand-by duties.




For both the construction and maintenance phase, Boluda Offshore provides offshore towage support with tugs, crew transfer vessels, and shallow-draft vessels.

We serve e.g. the vast North Sea wind farms and are working in partnership with several offshore wind park operators to support their operations as efficiently and safely as possible.




Boluda Offshore operates a fleet of tugs, with dedicated salvage teams on standby ready to meet any challenge in salvage work. Over the years, Boluda Offshore completed and participated in a number of salvage operations and wreck removals, including fire-fighting and re-floating operations, as well as many rescue tows. 

We mobilize at a moment’s notice whatever the requirement, be it a disabled vessel drifting, a vessel on fire, a sinking yacht, or a grounded ship. Having a large variety of special salvage equipment in our warehouse, we do everything we can to minimize the damage. Furthermore, antipollution equipment has been installed on board complete the service that our tugs are able to carry out.

Boluda Offshore is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU) and is cooperating with several of the major emergency response contractors.