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Our collective heritage


Boluda Corporación Marítima was established in 1837 and is a family-owned company. The company started its port tug activities in Valencia (Spain) in 1920.

In 2017, Boluda acquired the German towage companies Unterweser Reederei and Lutgens & Reimers. And recently, in August 2019, Kotug Smit Towage became part of Boluda Towage Group.

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Kotug Smit Towage

Kotug Smit Towage was established in 2016 trough the merger of Kotug (part of Kotug International) and Smit (owned by Royal Boskalis).

The company had a leading presence in 11 ports in 4 European countries (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), that has led to increased growth and smarter towing operations with a modern and efficient fleet of around 70 tugs.

Kotug Smit was incorporated in Boluda Corporacion Maritima in August 2019.


In 1842, Fop Smit began providing vessels with a safe and reliable passage into the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The SMIT fleet has grown and developed with technical advancements and customer's demands. Fop's sons, Jan and Leendert, continued to expand the fleet and in 1870 they began building tugs with propellers.

In 1923, L. Smit & Co. and the Internationale Sleepdienst decided to merge operations under the name 'L. Smit & Co.'s Internationale Sleepdienst'. In March 2007, Smit Internationale NV announced the purchase of Adsteam’s Liverpool towage operation (Alexandra Towing). In May 2010, SMIT became a member of Royal Boskalis Westminster.



Captain Henri Gerling established his company "Remorquage à Hélice s.a."(i.e. Tugboats with Propellers Ltd or S.A.R.H for short) on the river Scheldt in 1870. URS came into being in 1928 as the name given to the alliance between S.A.R.H and "Letzer Towage Cy" which had been established in 1923. In 1974, they were all merged into the URS Group, to provide a strong unified organization going forward. Throughout its long history, URS has maintained its position as the leading operator on the Scheldt by taking over other companies in the Scheldt area, including "Willem Muller" and "Scheldt Towage Company". In 2008 Smit Internationale required 100% shares in URS.


The roots of KOTUG (four generations family Kooren) go back to the initial activities of Antonie Kooren, when he built his first tug in 1911. His son, Adriaan Kooren, registered its company ‘Towage Company Adriaan Kooren BV’ in 1934. In the beginning he operated as an independent towage broker and later as an tug owner, whereby the tugs were employed in the dredging and (port) construction industry in Rotterdam. In 1977, Adriaans’ son Ton Kooren started ‘Ton Kooren International Marine Services BV’, mainly providing worldwide and deep sea towage. In 1987 Ton Kooren established KOTUG International B.V. and started harbour towage activities in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, London and Wilhelmshaven.

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Alexandra Towing / Adsteam

The Alexandra Towing Company Ltd was established in 1887 and played a leading role in the British towage industry. The company was formed in Liverpool to take over the business of Mr George Bell Cowl and his five tugs. In 1994 Alexandra Towing was taken over by the Australian Howard Smith Group, retaining its company name and headquarters in Castle Chambers. In May 2001 the towage operation of Howard Smith was acquired by Adstream Marine Ltd and was re-named Adstream Towage Limited. In 2007, Smit Internationale acquired Adsteam’s Liverpool towage operation (Alexandra Towing).