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New Schiedam office

Mar 10, 2022, 4:53 PM

a new landmark



new office address
per 16 March 2022

Boluda Towage Rotterdam B.V.


With effect from 16 March 2022, Boluda Towage Rotterdam B.V. will move to the Havenstraat 30 in Schiedam, the Netherlands.


All direct office phone numbers remain unchanged.


The new landmark in Schiedam offers a beautiful view on Rotterdam’s River Maas. We look forward to welcoming you to Havenstraat 30 !

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contact details


Boluda Towage Rotterdam B.V.

Havenstraat 30, 3115 HD  Schiedam
P.O. Box 353, 3130 AJ  Vlaardingen

Office phone  +31103073500
Commercial team +31103073503
24/7 Dispatch & Operations +31103073555


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Boluda Towage Europe (head office)


Boluda Towage Europe B.V. is the parent company of Boluda Towage Rotterdam B.V.  The headquarter office of Boluda Towage Europe remains located at:


Port City 1 

Waalhaven Z.Z. 21, 3089 JH Rotterdam

P.O. Box 51046, 3007 GA Rotterdam

The Netherlands

New office phone: +31103073599

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