Special towage: tunnel sections Maas Delta Tunnel

May 9, 2022, 12:34 PM

Boluda Towage towed tunnel sections of Maas Delta Tunnel (Blankenburg)


Under the watchful eye of various media, the southern tunnel section - 180 metres long, 8 metres high and 40 metres wide - of the Maasdelta tunnel left the dock at Damen Verolme on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.


With extreme precision, the tunnel section, accompanied by two tugs of Boluda Towage, set course for the quay just outside the yard. There, reunification took place with the northern part of the tunnel, which had followed the same route the day before. A formidable preparation and performance by the whole project team.


In Damen Verolme's dry dock, the rectangular tunnel tube was made of concrete. At the end of the construction phase, the engineers made the tube watertight and let it flow full of water and subsequently, the tunnel tube started to float. 


The Maas Delta Tunnel will be a new connection “A24” between the motorway A20 and the A15. The accessibility of the Rotterdam region is of great economic importance. And one of the solutions to improve accessibility is the construction of the Blankenburg connection. The tunnel is expected to be ready for use at the end of 2024.


More info on this project: https://blankenburgverbinding.nl/


Photo courtesy: BLAAK, Blankenburgverbinding and Algemeen Dagblad.

Blankenburg tunnel secties3.jpg
Blankenburg tunnel secties2.jpg
Blankenburg tunnel secties5.jpg