Special towage: Audax with PAR-modules through Zeebrugge-lock

Mar 8, 2017, 12:43 PM

KST assisted Audax with PAR-modules through Zeebrugge-locks

The Audax, a Polar Class (PC-3) module carrier operated by Red Box Energy Services, had been ordered to transport a system for the production of liquefied gas from Zeebrugge to the Yamal LNG site in the Russian port of Sabetta.

The Rotortugs 'Emoe' and 'RT Ambition' of KST assisted the large module carrier, which is no less than 43 metres wide, 200 metres long and 50 metres high, from the Module Marshalling Yard in Zeebrugge, through the locks of Bruges-Zeebrugge, enroute to Sabetta.

A nice example of a precision job. Due to their tremendous height, the modules caught a lot of wind, meaning that the operation was subject to wind force restrictions. In the lock, the Rotortugs did a perfect job. The ‘rotoring’-method allowed the crew to continue towing with very short lines.