Special towage: (un)docking Saipem 7000

Apr 18, 2017, 12:09 PM

KST safely ASSISTED (un)docking crane vessel SAIPEM 7000

February, 17, 2017, the semi-submersible crane and pipelaying vessel Saipem 7000 arrived for maintenance in the port of Rotterdam. At Hook of Holland's breakwater, the tugs of KST connected and assisted the crane ship to its mooring place at Keppel Verolme yard.

Saipem 7000 is the world’s second-largest crane ship, with a lifting capacity of 14,000 tonnes. In addition, the vessel can lay pipes to a depth of 2,000 metres. Docking the vessel in and out at Keppel Verolme yard was a true precision job. In the case of Saipem 7000, the biggest challenge was the available room at the dock; which means 0.5 metres to spare at both ends, and only 0.3 metres under water.

KST safely assisted the in- and outdocking of Saipem 7000 at the Keppel Verolme dock. Over the years, KST as built up a lot of knowledge and confidence among its clients, so that its crews can work safely and systematically, in accordance with a proven plan.