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Visit EU Director Generals

May 17, 2024, 3:06 PM

Boluda Towage welcomes a delegation of EU Director Generals on board its tugs


On Thursday 16 May 2024, Boluda Towage had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation of around 27 EU Director Generals on board the tugs VB Bolero, VB Rumba, VB Flandes, and VB Samba in the port of Bruges.


In the context of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2024, the FPS Economy organized a two-day conference "Delivering Offshore Wind Energy to all" on 15 and 16 May at the BMCC in Bruges. 


As part of this program, Boluda Towage warmly welcomed and the delegation of EU Director Generals, VIP guests among local authorities, and staff of FPS Economy for a boat trip from the port of Bruges to the nearest wind farms in the North Sea.


Preceding the boat trip, Boluda Towage provided a brief company introduction to the delegation, which highlighted the role of Boluda Towage within the maritime sector and its towage services to the Offshore Wind sector. As a global maritime service provider, Boluda Towage is an essential player and a vital part of the nautical chain, providing reliable harbour towage services, and offshore and marine services.


After the company introduction, the delegation boarded the tugs VB Bolero, VB Rumba, VB Flandes, and VB Samba, where they met the crew and sailed to the wind farms on the North Sea. 


Belgian Director General for Energy Nancy Mahieu said: “ Having the opportunity to visit the Belgian Windfarms with a company that is vital in the process of building the Princess Elisabeth Island, was the perfect way to conclude two days of fruitful discussions between government representatives and industry in the offshore sector. During the visit, Boluda Towage showcased its expertise in supporting the realization of the energy transition.”


Bruges Mayor and Vice Chairman Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Dirk De fauw commented: "It is a great pleasure to welcome this delegation of EU Director Generals to Bruges. Our city, with its rich maritime history and innovative future, provides the perfect setting for important discussions on sustainability and offshore wind energy. I hope this visit will lead to fruitful collaborations."


Geert Vandecappelle, CEO Boluda Towage Europe commented: “We thank Minister Tinne Van der Straeten,  Director General for Energy Nancy Mahieu, the team of FSD Economy, and the delegation of Director Generals for the company visit and their interest in Boluda Towage. It was fruitful to connect with this international delegation and to discuss important topics related to sustainability, climate and wind energy".


Boluda Towage plays an important role as a frontrunner in emission reductions of Nox, Co2, PM (Particle Management), and HC (unburned carbon). We have proven evidence by being the first towage provider in Europe to operate three hybrid tugs, retrofit two conventional tugs to the highest IMO Tier-III standards, and operate 4 newbuild tugs, all compliant with IMO Tier-III. This results in an emission reduction of 80% Nox. 


To further reduce its ecological footprint, Boluda Towage started with a phased implementation of a fuel-saving module on 19 tugs in Northwest Europe, in collaboration with Onboard. Since the implementation of this system as of October 2021 to date, we have achieved fuel savings of around 1,300,000 litres, and a CO2 reduction of 10%.