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Anchor-handling tug 'Bremen Fighter' completed its Boluda design

Jun 5, 2020, 2:24 PM

AHT tug ‘Bremen Fighter’ completed its Boluda design

As from June 2020, the Anchor-handling tug “Bremen Fighter” has completed its rebranding process and will show now the Boluda logo and company colors.

The ‘Bremen Fighter’ was initially located in Germany as part of the URAG company. Since 2017, URAG became a subsidiary of the Boluda Towage Division. Recently, Bremen Fighter has been relocated to its base in Rotterdam. After joining the fleet of Boluda Towage Europe, the ‘Bremen Fighter’ changed her outlook into the Boluda design.

With a bollard pull of 104 tonnes, the AHT tug will provide deep sea and offshore towage in North western Europe. The Bremen Fighter will be manned with the same and existing crew, who are well-trained to perform such offshore towage operations. The captain and its crew are proud to be a visible part of the Boluda group.