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Zhen Hua convoy with 3 giant STS cranes in Antwerp

Apr 17, 2023, 11:18 AM

Boluda Towage safely assisted Zhen Hua, loaded with 3 giant container cranes to Antwerp


On Saturday 8 April 2023, DP World Antwerp welcomed the Zhen Hua 35, loaded with three new container cranes at the Antwerp Gateway terminal. Boluda Towage safely assisted the special transport. 


The new cranes are built tailor-made at the Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited (ZPMC), and delivered on board the heavy lift vessel MS Zhen Hua 35. 


The cranes are part of DP World’s broader investment plan to build their services more efficiently and greener and to increase the current terminal capacity. The cranes can handle up to 26 container rows wide on a vessel and they reinforce the crane fleet at the DP World terminal on the east side of the Deurganck dock.


From the entrance of the River Scheldt, when passing the port of Flushing, two Boluda tugs, VB Pearl and Union Ruby, convoyed the Zhen Hua 35 all the way to the port of Antwerp (Saeftinge), where two additional tugs, VB Kiwi and VB Amber, joined the convoy. With the assistance of these four powerful tugs, Zhen Hua 35 was safely moored at the DP World Terminal, located at the Deurganckdok.   


Prior to the transport, several toolbox meetings took place with local Port Authorities, Flemish River Pilots, and a local agent, in order to properly map out this arrival. Once all possible obstacles were mapped and operations were well-prepared, a final agreement was given by the authorities.
For Boluda Towage it was an honor to be part of this great project. A smooth cooperation between all teams involved contributed to the successful handling of the convoy.

A big thank you to Skyvisiondrone Belgium, for capturing the convoy and the towage assistance.