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Tender & Transfer Services Rotterdam

Aug 3, 2023, 5:51 PM

Boluda Towage starts additional maritime services in Rotterdam



Rotterdam, June 2023

Boluda Towage started additional maritime solutions through the establishment of Boluda Tender & Transfer Services Rotterdam. 


With these additional services, Boluda offers its customers an additional maritime solution for the transfer of marine supplies, stores, parts, and persons, from our base in the Port of Rotterdam to anchorage areas on the Dutch & Flemish North Sea or vice versa.


The Dutch & Flemish North Sea hold no secret to Boluda's highly-skilled and experienced crew, and thanks to their experience in offshore towage and deep sea towage, our crew is able to sail to any anchorage. 


Boluda Towage provides additional services, e.g. anchor recovery and return to sea, and anchor and chain repair. 


For more information or download the flyer and the tariffs, please click on the button below to visit the page "Tender & Transfer Services". 

Tender & Transfer Services Download Flyer & Tariffs