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special TOWAGE H851

Jan 3, 2023, 4:12 PM

Boluda Towage SAFELY ASSISTED the world’s largest barge H-851 of Heerema


Recently, four tugboats of Boluda Towage safely assisted the arrival and departure of the world’s largest barge, H-851 of Heerema Marine Contractors, in the Dutch port of Flushing.


On 7 October 2022, barge H-851 arrived in the port of Flushing. Given the exceptional size of the barge with a length of 260 meters and a width of 63 meters, this towage operation required special attention.


Prior to the arrival and departure of the barge, various meetings were held with representatives of Heerema Marine Contractors, pilots, Linesmen, and Tow Masters of Boluda Towage, to discuss amongst others the procedures and safety aspects of the inward towage assistance and the berthing operation at the Heerema Yard. This resulted in an overview of the required preparations, the actual operation, procedures, outlined responsibilities, communications, and operational restrictions.


On 7 December 2022, the H-851 barge left the port of Flushing to set sail for Malaysia to participate in the float-over project.


During the special towage operations, two tow masters of Boluda Towage streamlined the coordination between the four harbour tugs and the leading oceangoing tug. A smooth cooperation between all teams involved contributed to the successful handling of the barge H-851.


From Heerema Marine Contractors we received the following compliment: “We want to thank Boluda Towage for the perfect towage operations during the arrival and departure of our Grande Dame H-851. It is and remains impressive to see the tugs of Boluda Towage assisting this barge”.


Photo courtesy: Boluda Towage / Heerema / Maritimephoto.com