VB Flandes & VB Samba (Tier-III)

Aug 14, 2021, 5:26 PM

Sneak Preview: Boluda Towage’s new tugs VB Flandes and VB Samba (IMO Tier-III)



On Tuesday 10th August 2021 two newly-built Damen Rotortugs (ART 80-32), the VB Flandes and VB Samba spotted during their delivery voyage to Zeebrugge, Belgium for Boluda Towage.


Boluda Towage will take these two Rotortugs, both complying with the most recent IMO Tier-III emission standards and certified with the highest fire-fighting standards, into service in the Port of Zeebrugge as part of the extended concession for towage services.


Stay tuned. More news about these state-of-the-art tugs is expected soon.


Photo credit: Captain Lawrence Dalli / Malta Ship Photos

VB Samba_Flandes-logo.jpg
VB Samba e-gh chrlo - 10.08.2021.jpg
VB Flandes e-gh chrlo xi - 10.08.2021.jpg
VB Flandes e-gh chrlo xv - 10.08.2021.jpg