Impressive transport "Nieuwe Sluis"

Jun 27, 2022, 11:37 AM

Boluda Towage assisted impressive transport of lock doors and bridges for the new lock at Terneuzen


Heavy load carrier ‘ZHEN HUA 34’ arrived on 29th May 2022 at North Sea Port in Flushing, loaded with four lock doors, two bridges, and other materials for the new lock (“Nieuwe Sluis”) at Terneuzen.


Boluda Towage assisted the impressive transport to the Scaldiahaven in the port of Flushing, where the ship will be unloaded. Subsequently, the doors and bridges will be loaded separately on a pontoon to leave for Westdorpe by push and tug boats over the next few days.


The doors and bridges will first be stored in Westdorpe, where the final inspections and work will be carried out. At a later time, the four lock gates will be entered into the door casings of the New Lock. The installation of the bridges will follow.


The construction of the New Lock in Terneuzen has been in full swing since late 2017. Once completed, the New Lock will be one of the largest locks in the world. In terms of dimensions, the New Lock is comparable to the locks in IJmuiden, Antwerp, and Panama.


The lock complex in Terneuzen is the gateway to Terneuzen and Ghent in the North Sea Port area and will ensure the companies' supply for the next 50 to 100 years. Both with the current goods and raw materials and new ones such as hydrogen, CO2 or for the circular economy.


The New Lock will provide better access and a smoother flow of the increasing shipping traffic, for both inland and seagoing vessels. This will create an improved shipping connection between the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Europe.


With a second larger lock for seagoing vessels, improved infrastructure is created. Flanders and the Netherlands can count on a significant economic boost from the arrival of the New Lock.


More info: www.nieuwesluisterneuzen.eu

Photo courtesy: Lex de Meester / Tom D’Haenens