Boluda Towage Europe welcomed crane vessel Heerema Sleipnir

Mar 25, 2020, 6:44 PM

Boluda Towage welcomed Heerema Sleipnir in ROTTERDAM

On 22nd March 2020, the world's largest semi-submersible crane vessel ‘Sleipnir’ of Heerema arrived in the Port of Rotterdam for the first time.

Boluda Towage Europe had the honour to escort the platform. The tugs VB Cheetah and VB Kracht welcomed Sleipnir with a tug show and a beautiful water salute.

Sleipnir's scale is hard to imagine, standing at 220 meters long, 102 meters wide, with the room to accommodate 400 employees, and weighing 119,000 tons. Sleipnir is not only the largest semi-submersible crane vessel on the seas, but is also the most sustainable. The vessel has dual-fuel engines that enable Sleipnir to run on LNG, drastically reducing harmful emissions. Additionally, the vessel is fully outfitted with LED-lighting, has a hot/cold energy recovery system, and is ready to be powered by clean electricity when moored in a port.

Video courtesy: Peter-Bert van Herwijnen and Heerema Marine Contractors

Image courtesy: Cock de Conink