A salute to Godetia

Jul 1, 2021, 9:22 AM


Boluda Towage assisted Belgian Navy frigate ‘Godetia’ on her final journey to Zeebrugge 


On Friday 25 June 2021, the command and logistics support vessel A960 Godetia of the Belgian Navy sailed into her home port of Zeebrugge for the last time in over 50 years, after an international mission in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Boluda Towage assisted her to the naval base in Zeebrugge.


The ship and its 95 crew members have covered nearly 900,000 nautical miles since commissioning, more than 40 times around the globe.


After half a century of service, the ship is permanently withdrawn from service. The helicopter onboard, the Alouette III, is also leaving service after half a century.


Our special thanks to Steve Allaert and Iliano Coppens for the photos.