Tailored Towage Services






Customer-focused port towage


We see it as our task to service our customers in the best possible way, truly understanding their needs, think with them all the way and exceeding expectations whenever we can.


This translates into what we call: Tailored Towage Services, flexible services in the ports that go beyond the towing itself. Always put quality and safety first, the result counts in the end.


We continuously look for further improvements for our communication and availability in order to be there exactly at the right time, also when a ship comes in earlier or later than expected. We know circumstances are never the same at sea and in the port, where every single day is different.


A thorough preparation of the task you ask us, makes sure that the right tug is waiting for you at the right time. So, we are ready when you need us and we go all the way to make the turnaround time as short as possible.



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Local experience on a European scale

As we operate in major European ports, we offer our customers European service at scale. In one efficient and well-known, maybe even familiar, hand. Whether a ship sails into Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Hamburg, Southampton or any other port we work in, our customers will always find the Boluda Towage Europe service they value.

We know that every port is a world of its own with specific circumstances, regulations and culture. As our crews are built of locals, to them their port region has no secrets. We mix crews, to share experiences and broaden the scope of our people on the tugs in the ports.


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Leading in safe harbour towage

It is our goal to constantly improve our service level towards our customers. We actively listen and involve them in all stages of planning. We view situations from the perspective of the customer and we actively follow up with them.

To assure a high standard in quality of our service, our core process have been established with the focus on quality assurance which comes evident by the following aspects:

  • Operational continuity, reliability assets through efficient maintenance procedures
  • Versatile fleet and equipment, up-grading our tugs constantly, to create safer tugs for our crew and with greater operational redundancy
  • Comprehensive training process for our crews, competencies required to run the business. We have developed our in house training and education programs. We train our crews and educate new tug masters in operating all possible propulsion systems. Training takes place both in our own simulator centre and off course real live on our tugs.
  • Constantly improving by programs in place
  • Always looking for innovations which increase our quality, efficiency, sustainability and innovation to improve our daily operations.